Check Suits for Men: A Timeless and Refined Option for Weddings

Check suits

Wedding season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about what to wear. While most men tend to stick with classic black or navy suits, why not add a touch of personality and style to your ensemble with a check suit? A check suit is an excellent choice for both the groom and the groomsmen, and it can make a statement without being too loud. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of check suits available, how to choose the right one for your wedding, and how to style and accessorise it for a polished and sophisticated look.

Types of Check Suits:

Check suits come in a variety of patterns, from classic houndstooth to windowpane to tartan. Houndstooth is a timeless pattern consisting of broken checks that create a balanced and elegant look. Windowpane is a broader check pattern of geometric lines that lends itself well to more modern and contemporary styles. Tartan is a check pattern that incorporates different colours and is most commonly associated with traditional Scottish kilts. When choosing a check suit, you should consider the tone and vibe of your wedding, your personal style, and your body type.

How to Choose the Right Check Suit:

When it comes to choosing a check suit for your wedding, it’s essential to keep it simple and understated. You want to go for a suit that’s versatile and can be worn to other formal occasions. If you’re going for a more classic look, choose a houndstooth or a subtle windowpane pattern in neutral tones like grey or navy. For a more daring look, go for a bolder check pattern in brighter colours like green or red. If you’re a groomsman, you should choose a suit that complements the groom’s suit and ties in with the wedding’s colour scheme.

Styling and Accessorising Your Check Suit:

When styling your check suit, keep it simple and classic. Stick to a plain white dress shirt and a tie in a complementary colour. Go for classic leather shoes like oxfords or brogues and add a pocket square in a contrasting colour or pattern. If you’re attending a more casual wedding, you can opt for a blazer and chinos instead of a full suit. Remember, the suit should fit you perfectly, so make sure to get it tailored to your body type.

In conclusion, a check suit is an excellent option for a stylish and refined wedding look. With a variety of patterns to choose from, you can find a suit that matches your personal style and the tone of your wedding. When choosing a check suit, keep it understated and versatile, and accessorise it with classic pieces like a plain white dress shirt, a tie, and leather shoes. Remember, the key to pulling off a check suit is to wear it with confidence and polish. So, whether you’re the groom or a groomsman, consider a check suit and stand out from the crowd.