Celebrity Style Secrets: How A-Listers Incorporate Tommy Hilfiger Watches into Their Wardrobes

Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion designer with a reputation of designing upscale casual wear for elevated everyday style. Whether you’re looking for a watch to make your OOTD more formal, or a watch to make your evening outfits more casual, there’s a Tommy Hilfiger watch for that. 

When styling Tommy Hilfiger watches, there’s no better influence to borrow from than celebrity style. Celebrities have the power to influence fashion trends and suggest fun outfit combos for people to emulate. With the rise of Instagram culture, it’s never been easier to find celebrity inspiration online. Let’s explain with some examples. 

Let’s explore a curation of Tommy Hilfiger watches and some celebrity inspired ways to wear them. 

Tommy Hilfiger Women Samantha Round Rose Gold Watches SKU TH1782493

This charming Tommy Hilfiger watch for women is a great way to accessorise your OOTD. Whether you’re channelling celeb style at work, or doing a casual coffee run, this watch has you covered. Featuring silver mesh straps and a rose gold dial with a pretty leaf motif and gold trim, the watch is an elegant accessory. 

Wear it like Samantha with a blue bow tie knot dress. This silver mesh strap timepiece also looks good with a satin blouse and trouser combo. Both outfits are a great choice for casual date nights or dinner with friends. 

To convert this analogue dial watch to a smart watch connect it to your smartphone. Track your heart rate, activities and notifications to live a more connected lie. Additional features that make this a great buy are its water resistance and scratch resistance. 

Tommy hilfiger Women Lexi Round Blue Watches SKU TH1782656

This Tommy Hilfiger watch for women is a smart choice for fashionistas on the move. It features a metallic strap and dial, both in shades of electrifying blue. This pick is definitely not for the girlies who love to stay in touch with their feminine side. Its semi-wide straps and thick dial give it a chunky appearance. It’s perfect for those who love masculine watches but would like one designed for women. 

Wear this like Gigi Hadid with graphic sweatshirts or tees to allow your outfit to do the talking. The casual aesthetic of Tommy Hilfiger can be nailed by not taking your outfit too seriously and just having fun with your clothes. 

Constructed with durable materials, this watch is a blue time keeper for the long haul. 

Tommy hilfiger Women Carly Round Pink Watches SKU TH1781789

This classic leather strap number is a great choice from Tommy Hilfiger watches for women for those who choose comfort over everything else. The watch has white leather straps that are versatile enough to pair well with many outfits. It features a gold dial with a white trim. This dial is interchangeable with a silver dial adding to its versatility. 

Wear it like Samantha with an all denim look. Denim shirts on jeans or denim jumpsuits are great choices. You could also just sport a denim jacket to go and you’d pull off celeb style. 

Convert this analogue watch to a smartwatch by connecting it to your smartphone. You’d have a host of features like activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, notifications tracking and many more. 

Tommy Hilfiger Men Baker Round Black Watches SKU TH1710447

This Tommy Hilfiger watch for men is a great choice for those who are more gender-fluid in their sartorial choices. The watch features a yellow gold metal strap with a black round dial. It’s a men’s classic design. Apart from its obvious masculine appearance, it’s also hardy and durable in design. With 50 mm water resistance, this watch can also handle a little rain. 

Take a leaf from Gigi Hadid’s playbook and wear it on a night out. Pair it with a sequin dress to really make your outfit pop. You can also wear this with a white t-shirt and leather jacket combo. This is a classic celeb steal. 

The bracelet style watch also features a secondary strap. The straps can be interchanged between yellow and rose gold. It’s all about which look you want to sport on that day. 

Tommy Hilfiger Women Kennedy Round Blue Watches SKU TH1782386

This gold strap Tommy Hilfiger watch for women is versatile and will go with everything. The bracelet style watch features gold straps and an icy blue dial. It’s a chronograph by design with an analogue dial. However you can connect it to your smartphone to use its smart features. 

For model off-duty style, wear it with a white tank and cargo utility pants. This look will carry from running errands to catching a movie with your girl pals. You can also wear this watch on dates with a casual A-line dress to make a great impression. 

Apart from being an alluring accessory, the watch can be used for activity tracking, heart rate monitoring and more. It’s a great choice for girls who like tech enabled devices but also value aesthetics.