4 Things You Must Know About Rolex Yacht-Master

Rolex Yacht Master is a premium-quality sports watch collection by the renowned brand “Rolex”. It is best suited for dressing sportily, along with its luxurious touch. It doesn’t matter if you’re a loyal user of Rolex or are researching more about knowing Rolex Yacht-Master before making your purchase; this article is all you need to read and decide if you want to buy Rolex Yacht-Master.

1. It Is Not Much Older Than 30 Years In Time.

The Yacht-Master was launched 30 years back, in 1992. It was introduced with the motive of targeting the yachting crowd. To show the luxury factor of the range, the first Yacht-Master was made out of gold. The timing bezel, bracelet, and 40mm case were all made from 18k gold. Slowly and steadily, other variants, materials and sizes came into the picture and were added to the collection. However, the first-ever Yacht-Master was the ultimate symbol of luxury in the Rolex watch collection, along with a sporty look & feel to it.

2. Later, Rolex Introduced Various Sizes Of Yacht-Master.

Although a few variants of Yacht-Master were discontinued, Rolex had launched a total of five different sizes of the watch right after the launch of the first one. The first watch to be stopped manufacturing by Rolex in 2015 was the ladies Yacht-Master which was replaced by a more significant and better version, i.e. Yacht-Master 37.

After the discontinuation in 2015, in 2019, Rolex introduced a 42mm size Yacht-Master.

3. Rolesium Was Declared A Brand New Material.

Rolex declared the launch and use of a new material known as Rolesium in 1999. The word Rolesium represents watches of Rolex that are purely made from platinum and stainless steel. A Yacht-Master made of Rolesium has stainless steel and platinum. If you want to buy Rolex Yacht Master, go ahead, as all the variants are available now.

The Rolesium Yacht-Master is the only watch made from stainless steel and platinum elements. A few Rolesium Yacht-Masters also have a platinum dial that looks far more breath-taking and luxurious.

4. The Introduction Of The Oysterflex Bracelet

Rolex released the Oysterflex bracelet in 2015. However, it was entirely different from the other watches in the collection. The watch’s strap was made from a metal blade from the house of Rolex. Besides, the watch was engraved with the detailing of wing-like structures for airflow through the surface. It was also introduced in multiple sizes, and this fantastic new Yacht-Master was added to the existing collection. You can buy Rolex Yacht-Master on online websites.